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Gilbert Convention Mentalist

You want to find the best possible entertainment for your next Gilbert event, the kind that will have coworkers congratulating you and your boss patting you on the back, while they all smile and laugh and appreciate that you are, in fact, “the man”, don’t you?

The Amazing Arthur Guarantees Amazingness

See? I knew it.

As a comedy mentalist, the Amazing Arthur knows exactly what you need to make your next convention an outstanding, immersive, and interactive experience that truly wows everyone in attendance. Customized to your audience, venue, and specific desires, professional showoff and convention entertainer Arthur Fratelli delivers an unforgettable night of magic and comedy that is guaranteed to amaze.

Sure, you could hire a comedian. Or a magician. Or a hypnotist. Or a mentalist. Or you can get all of that amazement wrapped up in one convenient, compact, and airline-approved package.

When booking the Amazing Arthur, you are getting 20 years of experience, skill, and dedication to the craft of entertainment, as well as the opportunity to work directly with a true professional when planning your event. Available for local events or national bookings, Arthur Fratelli is a professional on and off stage, managing your booking with the same expertise he uses to manage the crowd.

From the initial phone call through to the final curtain call, the Amazing Arthur handles it all.

Call Convention Mentalist Arthur Fratelli at (402) 597-2579 to Discuss Booking!

The Power Of The Mind

The magic and mystery of comedic mentalist Arthur Fratelli is nothing short of amazing.

The Amazing Arthur Corporate EntertainerUsing his keen insight, decades of experience, sharp wit, your audience, and a few interesting props, the Amazing Arthur utilizes his degree in psychology to create an event more successful than you would have ever predicted! With decades of experience in reading people, influencing decisions, and understanding body language, audiences are often left completely convinced that Arthur is, in fact, a unique brand of magical.

And those who work with him agree. He makes planning entertainment for your Gilbert event so painless, you will wonder why you ever bothered working with another convention entertainer.

Because he understands what you are going through. See? It’s nice to work with a mentalist.

Fun, Family-Friendly Clean Entertainment

There is nothing an audience enjoys more than being part of the show, except maybe laughing at their coworkers as they embarrass themselves. We deliver both.

Amazing Arthur is a comedy mentalistAs a private and corporate event mentalist, hypnotist, magician, and comedian, Arthur Fratelli brings his unique wit, charm, and specific set of skills to the delight and amazement of your guests.

An interactive and immersive experience, the Amazing Arthur does a whole lot more than just put on a show. He makes your audience the star of the stage, letting you laugh with and at those you are used to seeing in a more professional environment.

Nothing gets the crowd on their feet and out of their seats more reliably than the engaging, clean & family-friendly entertainment Arthur Fratelli provides. Constructing his sets specifically to your audience blend, venue, and desired feats of amazement, you can expect a unique experience that is fun for everyone, every time.


Whether it is your first time booking convention entertainment or you are an experienced event planner, you will appreciate the ease of working with Arthur, as well as the professionalism he displays both on and off the stage.

Prepare to Be Amazed- Guaranteed!

Corporate Entertainer Arthur FratelliWith amazingness delivered nightly, party mentalist Arthur Fratelli is dedicated to making your Gilbert event an outlandish, knee-slapping, jaw-dropping, fist-pumping good time. Bringing crowds together with universal truths and a comedy mentalism set perfectly crafted to suit your audience, you can be confident that every audience member will declare this the event of a lifetime, and they will have you to thank for it.

Call Convention Mentalist Arthur Fratelli at (402) 597-2579 to Discuss Booking!