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Palmdale Event Comedian

When we hear someone say laughter is the best medicine, they may just be telling the truth!

The Amazing Arthur Guarantees Amazingness

Several psychologists and academics have made it their mission to conduct studies that aim to find connections between various forms of comedy and the different aspects of human health. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that comedy is one of the most sought after forms of entertainment whether on television, in trade shows, in bars, and other events.

And when you’re considering a professional comedian for your event, it’s important to remember that you’d want to get someone whom you’re sure would deliver the most appropriate, most relevant, and most effective act for your crowd. And with the possibility of having a varied audience, you’d want to go for someone who is keen, quick and clever.

Arthur Fratelli is one of the most sought-after entertainers in the United States. Based in Omaha, Arthur offers his unique brand of funny by doing a variety of acts that can tickle practically anyone in the audience—these include comedy hypnosis, comedy mentalism, magic, and more.

Arthur Fratelli refers to himself as a professional show-off and it makes a lot of sense, too! With his versatile humor and passion to entertain, Arthur can ensure that your Palmdale event is a truly memorable one.

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Comedy That Puts You To Sleep

Putting people to sleep during a comedy show doesn’t sound like a good thing at all, but if you’re in a comedy hypnosis act by Arthur Fratelli, then you’re definitely in for a great time!

Put your audience to sleep with the Amazing Arthur

Arthur is a master of the craft of comedy hypnosis and mentalism and his shows are a wonderful mix of careful preparation and clever spontaneity.

And while Arthur Fratelli claims that he has no psychic abilities whatsoever, anyone who has seen his hypnosis, mentalism, and magic shows would find that difficult to believe. Thanks to his strong background in the field of psychology, Arthur has developed his uncanny ability to read people’s gestures and movements, interpret their expressions, influence their decisions, and use all these to make a great event comedy act. Arthur Fratelli is popularly known as the Amazing Arthur, and he definitely lives up to his name!

Professional Mentalist? Check! Family-friendly Clean Comedian? Check! Trance-inducing Hypnotist? Check! Mind-blowing Magician? Check! Available for your Event? Check!

Clean Fun For Everyone

Arthur Fratelli has been traveling all over the country to perform from one city to the next for over twenty years now, and it’s safe to say that he has entertained a wide variety of audiences.

Side Effects of The Amazing Arthur

From wedding receptions, to school events, to corporate conventions, Arthur has proven himself to be excellent at providing age-appropriate and highly entertaining comedy shows.

The Amazing Arthur finds it very effective when he performs with the crowd instead of just performing for the crowd. This gives attendees a wonderfully unique and immersive experience as well as highlights Arthur’s amazing ability to improvise and think on his feet. If you’re looking to give everyone in the room a once-in-a-lifetime, side-splitting experience with some good clean fun, Arthur Fratelli is the Palmdale event comedian you’re looking for!

One-of-a-Kind Entertainer

Arthur Fratelli may be an Omaha local, but his act is absolutely world-class. Arthur has done his comedy shows for a vast array of events…from prom nights, to wedding receptions, to even company conferences. He has even performed for multinational companies like McDonald’s, Chevrolet, and 3M.

If you’re looking for a professional entertainer to make your event a huge hit, Arthur Fratelli is up for the challenge! Whether you’re looking for stand-up, on-stage, strolling, magic, or even hypnosis comedy, Arthur has the skill, talent, charisma, and energy to get your crowd laughing through the funniest 60 minutes of their lives.

Amazement! Excitement! Shock! Delight! Intrigue! Give the people what they really want- to laugh with (and at) each other! Book Now!

Prepare To Be Amazed- Guaranteed

Corporate Entertainer Arthur FratelliNot sure if a comedy act is what you’re looking for? No problem! Besides being an event comedian, Arthur Fratelli is also a magician, illusionist, hypnotist, keynote speaker, and so much more.

Arthur Fratelli is practically a full entertainment package, and he’s ready to use his 60-minute show to help you meet your Palmdale event goals!

Call Arthur Fratelli Today at (402) 597-2579 to Request A Booking!