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Toledo Corporate Speaker

In the live entertainment industry, Arthur Fratelli is popularly known as professional showoff the Amazing Arthur.

Amazing Arthur is a comedy mentalistHe is a sought-after expert entertainer who travels all over the country to perform his brand of fun for and with thousands of people throughout the year. If you think that comedy, mentalist, hypnosis, and magic shows are all that he’s about, get ready for a pleasant surprise.

Besides doing immersive and engaging Toledo live entertainment shows, Arthur Fratelli is also highly effective in public speaking—particularly as a keynote speaker and as a business motivational speaker. From university events to corporate conventions, trade shows, award ceremonies, banquets, retirement parties, and even Fortune 500 conferences, Arthur is ready to use his uncanny ability to connect with the audience to challenge, motivate, and inspire them.


Arthur Fratelli is a master communicator and gets his point across to even the most varied audiences. Having been performing on stage for two decades now, Arthur has both talent and experience needed to effectively catch the crowd’s attention, to hold it, to keep them engaged, and have them talking about your event for days, weeks, or even years to come.

Hire a professional, passionate, and versatile Toledo corporate speaker for your event- Arthur Fratelli is the man you’re looking for.

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Informational & Inspirational

Arthur Fratelli has a lot to offer you when it comes to corporate speaking, public speaking, and motivational speaking.

Arthur Fratelli Corporate SpeakerWith his strong background in the field of psychology, Arthur comes on stage with more than just anecdotes and fancy quotes. He offers eye-opening lessons and practical advice, all neatly packaged in polished stage presence and excellent communication skills.

Arthur’s speaking engagements are often fondly described by his corporate clients as a wonderful blend of educational and encouraging, practical and propelling, mentally stimulating and motivational.

Arthur Fratelli offers a full 60-minutes of learning, laughing, and perhaps looking at life from a fresh perspective. For a fun, engaging, exciting, and inspirational speaker that is sure to leave your audience wishing the night would never end, you can trust the Amazing Arthur to deliver.

A Speaker For All Audiences

Full-time corporate entertainer and professional speaker Arthur Fratelli travels all over the United States and performs in front of thousands of people in various cities, earning standing ovations nightly for over 20 years.

Side Effects of The Amazing ArthurArthur has perfected his craft, becoming an expert at speaking to a variety of audiences, engaging them, keeping their interest, and effectively getting his point across throughout the program. Arthur uses his ability as a mentalist to read the room and connect with his crowd.

Whether you’re looking for someone to speak to college students, company employees, sponsors or donors, corporate executives, or any other large group that could use a little good time and motivation, Arthur Fratelli will definitely give them something new to learn, ponder on, and apply. Some of Arthur’s most in-demand talks include the following topics:

  • Confidence
  • Attitude
  • Relationships
  • Humor and Comedy
  • Magic
  • Connections

When seeking a Toledo private event speaker who truly understands and identifies with your audience, the Amazing Arthur is the obvious choice.

Professional Corporate Event Speaker

Corporate Entertainer Arthur FratelliEvery Toledo event organizer knows just how complicated and stressful it can be to plan the whole thing, juggling so many responsibilities, and executing everything perfectly. As an entertainer who has been managing a full calendar for over two decades, Arthur Fratelli can definitely free organizers from some of the hassle. He deals with his clients directly and sees to it that the entire 60-minutes he’s on stage contributes to the success of the entire event.

Arthur works closely with his clients from start to end—making sure that they’re on the same page in terms of event details, expectations, potential audience, and goals. He uses this information and tailors his speech or performance to meet every event’s need and to give every audience an amazing, unforgettable experience.

Contact The Amazing Arthur at (402) 597-2579 to Request a Booking!