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Laredo Event Hypnotist

Now for something completely different!

You’ve tried all the old, predictable avenues for Laredo event entertainment- motivational speakers, live bands, stand-up comedians, clowns, magicians, and more, but nothing seems to get your guests excited. Well, that’s all about to change.

Amazing Arthur Corporate Speaker

Get ready to make your event unforgettable by delivering an experience that allows your guests to become more than just an audience member; they become an active participant in the hilarity.

Arthur Fratelli, also known as the Amazing Arthur, is a hypnotist, comedian, mentalist, magician… well, it’s safe to say he’s an entire event entertainment package! Arthur is especially famous for his highly interactive and impressive comedy hypnosis acts that he performs all over the United States, for many types of events, and audiences of all ages.

For a first-class, high-energy live entertainment act to make your event one that won’t be easily forgotten, on-stage comedy hypnosis by the Amazing Arthur is the experience you are looking for. Get your audience laughing out loud by providing a truly unique opportunity to actually take part in the show.

Event planners don’t have to go to Las Vegas for a once-in-a-lifetime hypnosis experience. As if by some sort of magic, professional entertainer the Amazing Arthur has direct access to planes, trains, and automobiles, which allows him to bring his unique talents directly to you, nationwide.

If you’re looking for a truly amazing clean comedy production for your convention, trade show, award ceremony, university/school event, or other corporate affair, event hypnotist Arthur Fratelli is the perfect choice.

Call Arthur Fratelli at (402) 597-2579 to start planning your next event!

An Immersive Comedic Experience

Arthur Fratelli isn’t called the Amazing Arthur for nothing!

Put your audience to sleep with the Amazing ArthurArthur has performed comedy hypnosis on countless stages all over the country, and it makes you wonder if, after all those shows, he ever runs out of things to say or tricks to do. Well, there’s a reason behind his audience’s astonished reactions and standing ovations, and it’s Arthur Fratelli’s ability to make every performance a unique experience for everyone in the room.

For a full 60-minutes of fun, Arthur takes his audience on a hilarious journey of the mind, delivering an amazingly immersive experience that leaves the entire audience hypnotized, whether you remain a spectator or if you choose to join in the fun as a volunteer. Unlike other entertainers, Arthur Fratelli doesn’t just perform for an audience; he performs with his audience and takes everyone on a hysterical, hypnotic ride.

And because every single audience member is different, you can be sure to get a fresh act every single time from arguably the nation’s best comedy hypnotist.

A Master Of His Craft

While Arthur claims no paranormal powers, you sometimes can’t help but wonder when he’s up on stage. He may not have actual psychic abilities, but he does have a background in psychology, which explains his keen ability in reading people’s body language, interpreting microexpressions, and influencing decisions- all of which simply leaves the crowd awestruck and amazed.

Arthur Fratelli, through his decades of experience as an event hypnotist and mentalist, has become a master of his craft with comedy hypnosis. And if you mix together all that talent, experience, wit, charisma, creativity, professionalism, and energy, you’ve got yourself the perfect entertainment solution for all your Laredo corporate and social events.


So if you’re looking for a comic hypnotist that’s going to leave amazed audiences splitting their sides with laughter, scratching their heads in confusion, and asking themselves, “How in the world did he do that?” then Arthur Fratelli is your guy.

A Performance For Every Event

A hypnosis performance by Arthur Fratelli provides your events the high-energy, intelligent, clean fun that you’re looking for.

The Amazing Arthur Guarantees Amazingness

A meeting planners dream, he delivers amazing entertainment to all types of large events, professionally performs in all types of venues, including event speaking engagements, and specifically prepares material to suit your audience. From organizational conferences to trade shows, to university events, company banquets, and even class reunions, Arthur Fratelli is ready to give you a comedy hypnosis experience like no other.

And if stage hypnosis isn’t precisely what you had in mind for your Laredo event, that’s not a problem at all. Arthur Fratelli can do a whole lot more than hypnosis.

If you’re looking for a stand-up comedian, a mentalist show, a magic show, or just someone to generally impress and amaze, Arthur can do all those for you! From toddlers to grandparents, Arthur Fratelli will show your crowd a good time.

Local Hypnotist With World-Class Talent

A restless soul who simply can’t be tied down, Arthur travels all over the United States, entertaining thousands of people from one city to the next, at events ranging from large corporate functions to intimate parties.

The Amazing Arthur Corporate Entertainer

A born performer, Arthur has been on stage for over 20 years, performing for huge multinational companies including McDonald’s, Chevrolet, and 3M, as well as in local high school gymnasiums, at weddings, retirement parties, and anywhere else the check clears.

So whether you are looking for a local superstar to inspire and impress audiences, or a globe-trotting professional who sleeps with a travel bag packed, you get the best of both worlds when you book comedy hypnotist Arthur Fratelli!

Prepare to Be Amazed!

Corporate Entertainer Arthur FratelliArthur Fratelli is also known for his professionalism on and off the stage. As a team player, he is easily every event organizer’s ideal work partner. Arthur makes sure that his performance contributes to the success of the entire event.

By knowing exactly what your Laredo event is all about, who your attendees are, where your venue is, and what you intend to achieve by the end of the whole thing, professional event entertainer Arthur Fratelli will personalize his performance so that you can meet your event entertainment goals.

Call Arthur Fratelli today at (402) 597-2579 to Discuss Availability or Request a Booking!